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Welcome to LLT!

Levin Little Theatre was founded in 1938 and has been an integral part of the community ever since. It draws together people who are passionate about entertainment and the arts. The theatre is widely used by many groups for productions, concerts and dance. 

Many members of the local community volunteer in the theatre and are able to use their unique skills on the theatres behalf. From the local disk jockey to the local sign writer, lighting experts, web site geeks, musicians and, of course, actors, find areas of the theatre in which to make a contribution.

The costume department is widely used by both the community in Levin and surrounding towns. In addition to hiring, it provides support to local schools and other theatre groups for their own productions. 

Our Patron is Joyce Corrin. Joyce has served the local community for many years and works with a number of local organisations. The work of the theatre is not limited to productions, and Joyce encourages local groups such as dance schools and brass bands to put on shows. Joyce has also been a central figure in the theatre's costume hire, which is well known for its ability rise to even the most outlandish requests.

Joyce's says, "Its good to meet people, but it is great to help them."